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Presbyterian Church in America

Presbyterian Church in America

Since I have been involved with PCA churches for a bit more than five years now, though I have never formally joined as a member, I thought it would be logical to begin my explorations of dogmatic theology with a further exploration of the church that I’ve been going to. It’s a bit of a strange thing that I’ve never really known what the church actually formally believes. In fact, it makes me a bit uneasy just thinking about that. Why do I go to a church that I don’t know more about? Do I already know all the essentials of what the church stands for? And is the rest just superfluous stuff that I don’t particularly need to worry about? Such questions hearken my attention back to a book that I have just recently read by Bart Ehrman called Jesus, Interrupted. But, I won’t harp on that at all. I do want to start looking at what the church believes.

Three things seem important:

  1. The Good News,
  2. The Westminster Standards, and
  3. The Book of Church Order.

I probably won’t write anything about the first item there because I feel like I’d just be redundant. So keep an eye out for forthcoming content regarding the Westminster Standards!